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Introductory Spiritual Reading allows me tap into your energy and spirit to help me understand where you are in your life to get you to spiritual freedom with your identity and sexuality. 

Are you questioning your spiritual identity and sexuality after experiencing sexual trauma?


Experiencing sexual trauma affects you in so many ways and it is hard to regain trust. You have created a wall the size of Fort Knox that to protect your heart and spirit that no one can get through.  You crave unconditional love, compassion, and protection but not sure how to begin the healing process.  This is Divine Order and Perfect Timing that you are reading this. It is time for you to reclaim and reignite your spiritual identity and sexuality and let go of the mental and sexual prison you are experiencing after sexual trauma.

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Why work with Spiritual Mediator & Healer Dhylles Victoria


Dhylles Victoria has experienced sexual trauma growing up and know how it feels like to lose her sense of worth, love, innocence, and spirit. She has perfected her craft as a Spiritual Mediator and Healer with healing modalities that have helped her reclaim her spiritual identity and sexually. She is sharing her methods and solutions to help other women who have experienced sexual trauma reclaim their sexual power.

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Who can benefit from being Spiritually Activated?


Women who have experienced various forms of sexual trauma and have lost their sense of self and value. Those who are having a hard time trusting themselves as well as others. Women who would love to become sexually free to experience sex without fear, guilt or shame or having those unwanted triggers take place instead of experiencing an authentic and organic pleasure. Those looking to feel protected, loved, cared for and valued.  

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FREE Mini Live Spiritual Readings by Spiritual Mediator & Healer Dhylles Victoria.  These are general 10-minute readings to answer some of those burning questions you may have in your mind, heart, and spirit.   

It is also a space to ask spiritual questions to gain insight and clarity to help you on your spiritual journey.   Let's break the ice and misconception about spirituality and what it truly means to you.

Live Mini Spiritual Readings will take place Tuesdays and Thursday 9 PM EST.   

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