Spiritual Products Pop-Up Launch!!

Dhylles Victoria stepped into her birthright as a spiritual mediator and healer after experiencing past trauma. She offers spiritual support to those who are ready to discover their spiritual identity, activate their spiritual gifts and step into their spiritual power after trauma with the use of spiritual products and methods.

Spiritual Awakening Products consist of Spiritual Bath, Body Wash and Soap Bars and are made with natural ingredients that are safe to use for those who have skin allergies. Each products is prayed and blessed over for healing, health, prosperity and protection.

Dhylles Victoria invites you to her Spiritual Awakening Pop-Up Launch 

Date: Friday August 30, 2019 

Time: 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM

Location: Savannah Coffee Roaster

215 West Liberty Street 

Complimentary refreshments will be provided along with spiritual products for purchase along with raffle prizes and spiritual education and enlightenment.

First 20 guests to arrive will receive special gift bags with spiritual goodies!

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Take our Spiritual Reality Check Quiz

Your Spiritual Mediator & Healer Dhylles Victoria created this Spiritual Reality Check Quiz to help you have a better understanding of the effects of past trauma and how we can work together to spiritually resolve it. 

Does this sound familiar to you at this very moment in your life?

  • Self-blame and punishment 
  • Speaking negatively of self 
  • Mental, emotional, physical and spiritual sabotage and manipulation 
  • Lack of self-care 
  • Finding it hard to forgive yourself 
  • Reliving the past and not being present in your current life 
  • Mentally and emotionally checked out but desperately desiring to feel again 
  • Feeling detached and disconnected 
  • Confined to mental and emotional prison 
  • Living with constant worry,paranoia, anxiety, fear, shame, guilt and regret 
  • Fear of consequences coming back to haunt you from poor past choices 
  • Feeling unworthy and not lovable or valuable 
  • Beating yourself and developing a perfectionist mentally 
  • Not giving yourself enough credit for how far you have come in life 
  • Waiting for the other shoe to drop when things are going great

I am ready to serve, share and teach you how to spiritually reset your mind, reclaim your power back and revive your spirit so you can finally set yourself free. Why am I qualified to help you?  Scroll down and check out the reasons why you should work with me. 

Ready to commit to our spiritual partnership

Reasons to spiritually partner with me


I was exactly where you are 20 years ago and I am openly sharing my pain and experiences with you

  • Spiritual Mediator and Healer Dhylles Victoria has experienced sexual past trauma 
  • She has suffered from hypochondria and self-sabotaging patterns due to past trauma
  • She drug of choice was sex as a form of punishment due to thinking and feeling past trauma was her fault 
  • She was disconnected, detached and had a wall up over her heart to protect herself from being hurt again
  • She learned to accept, embrace and surrender to confronting her fear, guilt, and shame to truly heal heart aching heart 
  • She learned to trust herself, gain confidence, and courage
  • She developed the strength and braver to reveal her truth 
  • She worked on her healing and self-love daily
  • She stopped running away from the woman she was becoming and faced herself head on
  • She opened up her mind, heart, and spirit to God of her own understanding and her spiritual team in the afterlife
  • She gave herself permission to step into her spiritual birthright 

Does this make me your qualified expert? Are you ready to get started on reviving your spirit so that you can create the life you truly desire?  Are you ready to commit to our spiritual partnership? Keep scrolling to check out what's in store for you. 

Ready to commit to our spiritual partnership

What's in store for our spiritual partnership

Spiritual Services


Offering unlimited spiritual support from an expert who has been exactly where you are and knows what you need to let go of those inner demons that are emotionally, mentally and spiritually keeping you in bondage. 

Receive Unlimited Spiritual Support

Spiritual Products


Products that are spirit led and created by your Spiritual Mediator & Healer Dhylles Victoria Gibbs. Each product was created to activate your inner wisdom, strength, and warrior and are offered at discounted rates for all clients. 

Receive Disccounted Rates

Spiritual Events


Live Spiritual Events with an opportunity to meet and connect with Spiritual Mediator and Healer Dhylles Victoria in person so that you can experience her energy, spirit and powerful gifts. 

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